Monday, September 29, 2008

Week 4 belongs to Sagat.

This weeks addition is Sagat. Like I have mentioned before I have been experimenting with new processes, and so far I like where it is going. This particular character is extremely stylized. And when it comes to Sagat it has to be just to let you know this man is menacing. Due to a friends advice I started posting on the SRK fan art forums. He told me make sure to post the SF images where real fans could appriciate the work. Which ... makes all the sense in the world.
And here is a little extra this week. One of my favorite novels of the recent day was Anansi's Boys by Neil Gaiman. This is a portrait of Anansi based on his description in the book. If you are familiar with African folklore you would know exactly who this character is. He is a character full of mischief and some of the greatest stories ever told.

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