Monday, September 15, 2008

This Dude is a Beast!!

It is Monday, and therefor I have the second installment of my Geek-tastic project for you all. The Boxer was my second choice for my latest en devour. I love this new look (even though it is a mix up of Apollo Creed and T.J Combo ) because it adds another dimension to the characters. We have seen 25 years of the same old costumes and the near gear as well as the graphic and tactical update breathes an new life into the classic fighting game. Like the title says this dude is a BEAST , and to prove it take a look at the following video. About 37 seconds into the vid he unleashes one massive combo.

Aaaaand I think I am done geeking out for the day. So enjoy the piece and enjoy the video. Don't forget to check back for the weekly installments, there is a lot more where this came from.

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