Sunday, March 13, 2011

Quick Notice...

I cannot believe I have not done this yet. But to anyone that has this Blog bookmarked I just wanted to let you know that you can not find me at Two new blogs. One is The Transplanted Project at . and the Other is The Basement Monster's Blog at So pleas adjust your bookmarks accordingly. Thank you very much =)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

New Work ... New ongoing project.

So as the title implies... this is the recent image for an ongoing project I have been working on. If you are at all interested about what it is about head on over to The Transplanted Project Blog.  I will not say much more, because I want you to check out that link people!! So take care for now folks. More to come.

PS. Did you notice the blog name change??

Saturday, July 31, 2010

A little bit of reference goes a long way...

So recently a friend of mine was in the market for an new logo for her blog, and being the wonderful guy that I am... I offered her my services. She was looking for something that shouts "I have my eye on you" with a little sex appeal thrown into the mix as well. So continue reading to see the step by step process.

1-First up we had the rough thumbnail sketch. This was the easy part considering she had a very clear Idea of where she wanted to go with the image. So I just able to translate her ideas with a few of my twists here and there. Ultimately she chose to go with the bottom right image. 

2-Next I jumped directly into the work up stage laying down color just to see what would work best. As you can see with out any real reference other than the face. The image just looks flat, and very off. Thank goodness I had to intentions of letting this be my finished image.

3-Here we have a much more worked up image. With this you can see that I was able to pull in better reference from the fedora, to the coat. It looks a lot better don't you think? 

4- Finally I was able to lay down the desired font, and by request darken up the background a little more.  Oh... and I even sprinkled a little fairy dust on it (I am not kidding, look closely) 

If you are curious about what my friends blog is all about I encourage you to check it out HERE. It is a little bit of gossip with touch of humor. It always gets me laughing at the most inopportune times. As always... there will be more to come. 

Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Running Man...

What you see above is my latest commission for a client. The concept was simple enough... draw a man running through a jungle with a bomb going off behind him. There is a deeper meaning behind this image, but I will not get into it. What I will get into though is the sketches that I did for it. So scroll down and see how this image came to be.

1. This was the first sketch that I came up with. I like the idea of the character frantically running towards the foreground. But ultimately my client wanted a more controlled almost jog like run.

2. This sketch was my personal favorite to be absolutely honest. I just liked the idea of the three quarter view and the exaggerated perspective. But... ultimately it comes down to what the client wants.

3. This one was simply a close up of the Character with a lot more foliage taking up the space. This... was my least favorite.

4. This was the Final work up sketch which was the amalgamation of what the client liked of all the previous sketches . So I took this and cleaned it up before laying down the color. I hope you all like what you see.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Quick Coloring Fun...

Most of you may recognize this image from 40 days 40 posts. I was flipping thought the images the other day, and had an overwhelming urge to color it. More to come soon.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Here is a quick post for you all. It has been a little while since the conclusion of my 40 day 40 posts project. Admittedly it has been hard these few weeks to put anything down on paper for one reason or another. But.. today I turn off the TV and turned on the podcasts, and made a conscious effort to put something down on paper. I hope you like.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Day 40 ... We have reached.

So here we are at Day 40 of my little venture. Admittedly, even though I had hit some road blocks ... this process has gone relatively flown by.

Before I proceed I just wanted to quickly say a thing or two. First .. thanks to all of you that have kept up with my posts, and have always been there to give me constructive feedback. I draw and create for not only myself, but for everyone that would allow me to share. My work is the only time I ever really feel I am able to deal with being the center of attention, and it serves as a great release. And for the few of you that did not see your requests materialize, do not lose faith in me. Your are sure to see them pop up very soon.

So enough of that.. The following is what I have been promising, and hinting at for a week. I hope you enjoy it as much as I liked putting it together.

What you see above is the first Incarnation of an idea that I came up with nearly a decade ago. Just like a lot of young artists I chose to take the likenesses of friends of mine and create stories around them using the artistic ability I had available to me at the time. Using pencil and marker I went as far as creating a proposed "cover image" for the story I had rolling around in my head. I went as far as creating a few rough page layouts for the story in a sketchbook as well. But ultimately the idea was left to collect dust. As mentioned in a previous post I decided to go back and brush off the cobwebs of this old idea and in a way recreate it. Using all what I have learned in the past decade I wanted to see where I could take this original image. So scroll on down to see what I had come up with, as well as the process that took me to the final image.

1- Very, very rough sketch....

2- The work up sketch that was taken from the very very rough sketch...

3- The color swatches that were used to help me better color the final image...

4- The Final image folks...

Overall I am satisfied with the final product. Does the image have its issues?? Of course it does, but hind sight is 20/20. But like everything it is recognizing the pros on and cons, and then building upon them. It has been such a long time since I have been able to complete a project like this and it feels so good. I am already thinking ahead to next year and trying to figure out how I could make this process even better. So as always Stay Tuned.. there is always more to come.