Saturday, July 31, 2010

A little bit of reference goes a long way...

So recently a friend of mine was in the market for an new logo for her blog, and being the wonderful guy that I am... I offered her my services. She was looking for something that shouts "I have my eye on you" with a little sex appeal thrown into the mix as well. So continue reading to see the step by step process.

1-First up we had the rough thumbnail sketch. This was the easy part considering she had a very clear Idea of where she wanted to go with the image. So I just able to translate her ideas with a few of my twists here and there. Ultimately she chose to go with the bottom right image. 

2-Next I jumped directly into the work up stage laying down color just to see what would work best. As you can see with out any real reference other than the face. The image just looks flat, and very off. Thank goodness I had to intentions of letting this be my finished image.

3-Here we have a much more worked up image. With this you can see that I was able to pull in better reference from the fedora, to the coat. It looks a lot better don't you think? 

4- Finally I was able to lay down the desired font, and by request darken up the background a little more.  Oh... and I even sprinkled a little fairy dust on it (I am not kidding, look closely) 

If you are curious about what my friends blog is all about I encourage you to check it out HERE. It is a little bit of gossip with touch of humor. It always gets me laughing at the most inopportune times. As always... there will be more to come.